Where are the runs located?

EVR runs are at different locations depending on the workout. Speed work is done on tracks. We have hill runs in Mesa near Usery Pass and Las Sendas. Tempo workouts are run on the Consolidated canal in Gilbert. Long run locations change to different locations in the East Valley. You can view the East Valley Runner's schedule at Meetup.com.

Which runs are best for new comers?

Our biggest turnout is on the Saturday long when the largest variety of runners show up. Another good run for newcomers is the Monday track workout. These two runs are best if you want to meet and run with other runners.

What are the dues and what do they go towards?

East Valley Runner dues are $15 for individuals and $20 for families. Dues are collected in January. Dues go towards East Valley Runner member parties such as our spring picnic and holiday party, refreshments after some runs, and website costs.

Can kids run with EVR?

Kids are welcome to run with EVR but there are mostly only adults at the workouts.

I am new to running. Is EVR a good group for me?

EVR is a great group for experienced, intermediate, or beginner runners. We have all levels of runners from slower (12 minutes per mile and slower) to faster (those who make 8 minute per mile long runs look easy). We also have a wide range of ages with people in their twenties and all the way up to their seventies.  Our runners are more than happy to help share their knowledge of running and help you grow in your running knowledge and capabilities.

Why run with EVR?

There are many reasons to run with EVR!   Running with others makes the time go by faster as you share running stories and adventures.  You can also get a lot of great training advice and maybe find someone who knows about that race you've been interested in running.  It is safer to run with others and it's always nice to spend time with people who understand your need to run.  We're also a rather social, friendly group. Some mornings we joke if we're a talking club or a running club as we get started!

Why are the workouts so early?

For one thing, it's cooler in the morning.  For another, we run early in the morning so people can get to work on time and get on with their daily lives while still being able to get their runs in.

I’m a slow runner, can I join? Will there be someone for me to run with?

We welcome all runners of any ability.  We have members who make running an eight minute mile pace look easy for several miles, while others may struggle to maintain a twelve minute mile pace even for just one mile!  We can't always guarantee that there will be someone out on a run for every pace, but we'd love to have you join us and increase the number of runners that run your pace.   Our members don't care how fast or slow you are, just that you run!

I want to follow your Facebook page but haven’t been approved to join.

Please check your "Other" messages folder.  Our Facebook administrators will send you a message to verify you are a person interested in our running club and not just someone looking for an easy way to spam people.

You can always use the contact form on this site to reach us re: any issues you are having trying to join our Facebook page.

I want to join your Meetup page but haven’t been approved

We welcome anyone to view our calendar and join us for a run, but only dues paying members are admitted to our Meetup group.

Are you an active club? Your website doesn’t get updated frequently.

Yes, we are active!  We spend most of our time updating our Meetup calendar and our club's Facebook page.

Still have questions?

Please feel free to email us at evrfred@gmail.com or join us at one of our runs.